Is Bad Boy A Good MMA Brand

Is Bad Boy A Good MMA Brand?

As an MMA fighter, you need safety gear to help you polish your MMA skills with fewer chances of injuries. But when it comes to buying the best MMA gear as a beginner, you will get confused about choosing the right brand for yourself. Nowadays, brands like Bad Boy are in the market, known for making quality MMA products. But is Bad Boy a good MMA brand? Let’s find out in today’s article.

We have seen many famous MMA fighters using products from Bad Boy. It is an American brand, serving athletes since 1982. A few notable names include Chris Weidman, Lyoto Machida, and Alexander Gustafsson.

If you haven’t purchased anything from Bad Boy and want to collect the most accurate information about the brand, then make sure to read the article till the end.

What Gear Does Bad Boy Make?

Bad Boy is known for making products in many industries. The brand offers premium quality products for MMA, Motocross, Skate, and Surf. Following are some gear that this brand makes for athletes and sportsmen:

  • MMA Gloves
  • Rash Guards
  • Mouthguards
  • Shin Guards
  • Hand wraps
  • Ear Guards
  • Knee Pads

Apart from these, Bad Boy is also known for making boxing shorts, gloves, shoes, jackets, shirts, and much more. However, in today’s article, we will be covering the MMA aspect of Bad Boy.

What Is The Flagship MMA Product Of Bad Boy?

Bad Boy stands as one of the best MMA brands in terms of quality, fashion, and performance. Bad Boy has decades of experience in making different MMA products. It is the reason why professional fighters prefer MMA gear from Bad Boy. We have tried different products from the brand but their MMA gloves are one of the best in business.

MMA gloves are the most essential MMA gear that every MMA fighter uses. We tried many products from Bad Boy but its Bad Boy Pro Series Advanced MMA Gloves are unmatchable in their performance. These are 4 ounces MMA gloves with extra padding and compressed foam that makes them perfect for impact absorption. These MMA gloves come with a 360 degrees wrist wrap strap for an easy and custom fit.

Other highlighting features of these MMA gloves include improved flexibility, reinforced thumb coverage, open palm design, dry and moisture-free, and much more.

Due to these exceptional features, we rank the Bad Boy Pro Series Advanced MMA Gloves as their flagship MMA product. You will find these gloves to be the best for striking, grappling, and sparring.

What Is The Product Quality Of Bad Boy?

What makes a brand good or bad is the quality of its product. But how can you find the product quality of a brand? Of course, by experiencing that product personally. However, it would be just a waste of time and money.

Talking about Bad Boy, it has numerous five-star reviews by customers. Yes, there are some two and three-star reviews, but their percentage is way low. The brand is consistently receiving positive feedback and praises for its products, both in terms of performance and design. It shows that the brand understands the changing requirements of the customers.

Let’s talk about some customer reviews regarding the MMA products of Bad Boy.

Positive Customer Reviews

Bad Boy ranks as one of the best MMA brands due to many five-star customer reviews. On average, all MMA products from Bad Boy have 90% of five-star reviews on Amazon, which shows that it is a reliable brand for every MMA fighter.

Negative Customer Reviews

Bad Boy has also received negative feedback from its customers, but no one complained about the performance and durability of its products. Some customers have faced issues such as bad smell and poor quality from the products. For this reason, we see some three-star reviews on MMA products by Bad Boy.

How Good Is The Customer Support Of Bad Boy?

If a brand ranks as one of the best brands in the world, the credit goes to its customer support sector. A brand with friendly customer support guarantees the brand’s success in the future. The same is the case with Bad Boy.

The brand has been serving people for decades and it has managed to maintain customer retention through the quality of its products alone. We would have appreciated it if Bad Boy had a dedicated customer support team. Instead, the only way to contact Bad Boy is via email.

Is Bad Boy An Affordable Brand?

Like everyone else, we always want the best, but at a cheaper cost. So if you are someone who has never tried out Bad Boy, it won’t hurt your purse if tried it now. Although, if you are outside the United States, the availability of the products can be an issue.

Considering the features Bad Boy provides in its products, the price is justified. The brand provides all of its products in the mid-tier range. This includes T-Shirts, GI’s, gloves, shorts, and mouthguards.

Is Bad Boy A Good MMA Brand? – Our Thoughts

Trying out Bad Boys products and seeing the reviews made by thousands of customers online. We rank Bad Boy as an overall good brand. They cannot be compared to the giants such as Reebok, Venum, or RDX but they are doing pretty good in their lane.

MMA gloves and shorts are some of their best products. Apart from these, we have used their hand wraps and we didn’t find any issues with their performance. You might not get the same experience because everyone is different but rest assured that you will not regret buying anything from Bad Boy. Here is what we love about their MMA products:

  • Wide range of products
  • Great performance and style
  • Affordable prices
  • Premium quality

All these points speak in the favor of Bad Boy. So if you are looking for a reliable brand to buy MMA gear, you can consider it to make the best value for money purchase.


Thank you for making it to the end. We hope that this article has educated you about Bad Boy as an MMA brand.

We have been hearing this question for a while, so we decided why not show you the pros and cons of the brand. We have used their products personally and we can confidently say that this brand will not make you regret your purchase.

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