Do Everlast MMA Gloves Have A Lifetime Warranty

Do Everlast MMA Gloves Have A Lifetime Warranty?

A product having a lifetime warranty is more likely to be purchased by the customer. However, it is not the only factor to boost sales because brand reputation and customer feedback matter the most. Talking about brand reputation in the world of MMA, all of you might be aware of Everlast and the quality of its MMA gloves.

Due to the popularity of this brand for making gloves, some people ask: do everlast MMA gloves have a lifetime warranty? No, they do not have a lifetime warranty, but you can expect them to last for years if you use them carefully. Today, we will talk about Everlast brand, its MMA gloves, and why you should buy these MMA gloves in 2022. With that said, let us jump into the details.


Everlast is an American brand that has been on earth for over a century. It was founded back in 1910 (112 years ago) in New York. With years of experience, Everlast stands as one of the best brands for making a wide range of products for MMA, boxing, and physical fitness.

Most of you might not know that Everlast started as a manufacturer of swimwear because its founder, Jaco Golomb, was a talented swimmer. Its aim was to serve swimmers with durable swimwear that lasts longer. For this reason, the brand got its name Everlast.

What Equipment Does Everlast Make?

Everlast is famous for making a wide range of products for MMA, boxing, and physical fitness. The brand offers its equipment for everyone whether a beginner or advanced, which is why you will see athletes like Keischer McLeod and Austin Trout wearing Everlast gloves.

Everlast is known for making the following products:

  • MMA gloves
  • Boxing Gloves
  • Mouthguards
  • Punching Bags
  • Hand Wraps

Apart from these, you will see different footwear and clothing products from Everlast in the market. The brand is expanding to serve athletes with everything they want to build up their careers.

Are Everlast MMA Gloves Good For Professional Fighters?

Professional fighters want gear that would help them become better and better. For a professional MMA fighter, the purpose of using MMA gloves is just to give 100% in every fight. Everlast MMA gloves are designed to allow the fighters to give their best as they are lightweight, have less padding, and are comfortable to wear.

Most of the gloves from Everlast are made of synthetic leather. Yes, it is not as good as original leather, which is why you might see less protection against any unwanted injuries. It is the reason why Everlast gloves weigh between 7 to 8 ounces. So, if you are after heavily padded MMA gloves, you might not find your desired products under the logo of Everlast.

Do Everlast Gloves Have A Lifetime Warranty?

The brand claims that all of its products would be free from any sort of damage and are designed to last longer. However, we do not see any Everlast product with a lifetime warranty, which is not a surprise because many reputable brands are doing the same as they trust their product quality.

Talking about Everlast products, they are durable and are expected to last for a year and more. In case the buyer finds any defect or damage in the product, he has to return it within 120 days of purchase. The buyer can only claim this warranty if the product he buys came defective from the factory or started taking damage under normal conditions.

Remember that Everlast is not responsible for any type of replacement if you do not return the product within 120 days after you receive it. The brand also allows its buyers to have a call session to discuss the problem in detail.

Are Everlast MMA Gloves Affordable?

Everlast is one of those MMA brands that capture the market in every price tag. As of 2022, you can buy Everlast MMA gloves for $20 to $100 or more. However, there are some durability and performance issues with cheap Everlast MMA gloves.

So, Everlast MMA gloves are both affordable and costly (depending on their built quality). If you want to get quality gloves with great performance, you will have to consider gloves for $60 or above. The higher you go, the more value you get. But always understand your requirements and compare the gloves of multiple brands under that price tag to make the best value-for-money purchase.

Reasons To Buy Everlast MMA Gloves

We have used Everlast MMA gloves and we think that most Everlast MMA gloves are the best for every athlete. Following are some reasons why you should buy Everlast MMA gloves:

Versatile Options

Everlast offers versatile options in the market of MMA gloves. This approach makes it easy for the buyer to find the best pair of gloves to satisfy their needs and expectations.

Over 100 Years Of Experience

A brand that is in the market for over 100 years understands the end-user requirements. Everlast keeps an eye on changing user requirements and regularly introduces the best products depending on what the audience is looking for.


Amature athletes do not want to spend money on expensive products. It makes Everlast the best option, especially for buying MMA gloves. Yes, they are not the best in terms of protection, but still, you get many affordable options. And as you progress, you can go for gloves with higher price tags from the same brand (if you want to).

World MMA Award

Everlast has been awarded the World MMA Award five times for the Best Technical Equipment Brand of the world. It gives the brand a solid reputation in the market for buying MMA equipment.

This goes out to show that Everlast is the top most brand chosen by athletes in both MMA and Boxing.

Are Everlast MMA Gloves The Best In The Market?

Everlast MMA gloves are one of the best options in the market because there are some brands that give tough competition to Everlast. If you are after gloves with added durability, you can go for brands like ONX Sports. Yes, it is expensive but you will get unmatchable quality in MMA gloves from ONX Sports.

Apart from this, the following are the brands that you can consider equivalent to Everlast for making MMA gloves:

  • Venum
  • Hayabusa
  • Bad Boy
  • Fairtex

Buying MMA gloves from any of these brands will not make you regret your decision.


Everlast is definitely one of the most sought out brands in the world of MMA. From gloves to clothing, they make the best apparel and equipment. With regards to warranty, most of their material does not come in a lifetime warranty. Rather you can expect a 120-day warranty on most products.

Buying MMA gloves with a lifetime warranty is better than buying those with a yearly or no warranty. However, it is not all about the warranty because there are many other factors to consider when buying gloves such as brand name, customer reviews, and more.

We hope we answered all your questions related to Everlast, the quality of their MMA gloves, and whether it is worth buying Everlast MMA gloves. If you still have any questions, feel free to let us know in the comments below or email us at [insert email].

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