How Long Do Fairtex Gloves Last

How Long Do Fairtex Gloves Last?

Buying durable gloves does not mean they will last for years. If you are a professional athlete, you will have to go for durable gloves from reputable brands. Talking about reputable brands, you can consider buying gloves from Venum, Fairtex, and Everlast. These brands are known for durable gloves that help athletes improve their skills.

Today, we will talk about Fairtex gloves and how long do Fairtex gloves last. We hope that after reading this article, you will get to know if you should buy Fairtex gloves or not. Also, we will share some tips about how to make your Fairtex gloves last longer. So, without further adieu, let us dive into the discussion.


Fairtex is a private brand based in Thailand. It was founded by Mr. Philip Wong in 1958 (64 years ago) and today, it is one of the most successful brands in the world. In these 64 years, Fairtex has done a great job satisfying thousands of customers across the globe.

Fairtex believes that providing quality to the customers is way more important than anything else. For this reason, you might see that Fairtex gloves are a bit expensive when you compare them with other brands. However, Fairtex charges you for the quality, not for the logo.

What Gloves Does Fairtex Make?

Fairtex makes almost everything that professional athletes, especially boxers, MMA fighters, and Muay Thai fighters need. The brand aims to provide the best quality equipment that lasts long and offers the best performance. Although Fairtex boxing gloves are popular, this brand makes the following gloves for athletes:

  • Muay Thai Gloves
  • MMA Gloves
  • Boxing Gloves

Apart from gloves, the brand is famous for making quality mouthguards, ankle supports, hand wraps, bags, rashguards, similar stuff.

How Long Do Fairtex Gloves Last?

Whether you buy boxing Fairtex gloves or MMA Fairtex gloves, you will not have any complaints about the product quality. It is the reason why Fairtex gloves do not come with any warranty.

Fairtex gloves are made to last for over a year or two. And if you use them carefully, you can expect them to last even for three years or more. The only thing is how you use your gloves.

Suppose you are a professional MMA fighter who loves to train for a few hours a day. In these situations, your Fairtex gloves might not last for even one year. Other factors like how you use and how you keep your gloves after using also affect their durability.

Following are some tips that you can try to make your Fairtex gloves last longer:

Keep Your Gloves In A Dry Place

Many athletes put their gloves in their bags immediately after fights or training. Doing this causes moisture to get stuck into the gloves. As a result, your gloves will stay wet and lose their durability. Also, moisture in gloves results in problems like a bad smell and skin related problems. So, make sure you keep your gloves in a dry place to make them moisture-free and last longer.

One other reason you would want to keep your gear dry is because you do not want any build up of bacteria in them. Once bacteria builds up, you will be prone to skin diseases such as ringworm.

Wash Occasionally

Washing gloves makes them look as good as new. But if you wash your gloves regularly, it will reduce the lifespan of your gloves. So, it is better to wipe your gloves with a wet cloth to increase their lifespan. And if you feel that your gloves are looking dirty, it is time to wash them but do not try to use detergent or other chemicals in large quantities.

Use Air Dryer To Dry

Wiping your gloves after an intense session is not enough because they will have a lot of moisture. So, you can consider using a fan or an air dryer to dry them. It will not only keep your gloves moisture-free but also keep them free from smell and last longer.

Do Fairtex Gloves Have A Warranty?

A product with a warranty claim is more likely to be sold than a product without a warranty. However, brand reputation plays a crucial role in establishing trust among the customers. Unlike other brands, Fairtex gloves do not come up with a one-year warranty or a lifetime warranty.

Fairtex only gives a warranty in case the buyer receives a defective product. So, if your gloves do not last even for one week (which does not happen with Fairtex gloves), you do not have any warranty claim for them.

According to the return policy of Fairtex, you can only return the order if the seller delivered the wrong size, style, or color that you ordered. And if you get a defective product from the factory, you are still eligible to return the product and replace it with a new one. To utilize the return policy of Fairtex, you have to consider the following things:

  • Submit the RMA form to Customer Service Support for approval before sending the product itself
  • Return the received product within 30 days
  • Return the product in its original packing
  • Do not use or wash the product because Fairtex will not accept it
  • Pay the additional cost for returning the product

So, if you want to return any product to Fairtex, make sure you meet all of these points. It is better to call their Customer Support Service to get better assistance in returning the product.

Are Fairtex Gloves Expensive?

Yes, Fairtex gloves are expensive because they are mostly handmade and come up with the finest quality leather and other material. As of 2022, you can buy Fairtex gloves for around $80 to $130. It sounds expensive when you compare these with $50 or below gloves. However, you will see a huge difference in terms of performance, comfort, and durability.

For example, you can buy the Fairtex FGV15 Sparring MMA Gloves for nearly $90. But these are smooth, durable, densely padded, and are comfortable to wear.

Other Reasons To Buy Fairtex Gloves

Fairtex gloves are expensive from many other gloves in the market, but still, this brand enjoys a lot of customers from all over the world. Following are the top reasons why you should buy Fairtex gloves:

  • Exceptional Quality
  • Great Durability
  • Handmade
  • Comfortability & Protection

Fairtex gloves are the best for every athlete from beginner to advanced. So, if you are looking for the best value-for-money gloves, Fairtex gloves are one of the best options.


A majority of boxing gloves last around 1-3 years if used properly. That being said, Fairtex does provide a long-lasting experience to its athletes. With their exceptional quality and durability, these handmade gloves will stay with you for a long time.

Buying durable gloves does not guarantee that they will last for years. How long your gloves will last depends on how intensely you train and how you keep them. In the case of Fairtex gloves, they are made to last for at least a year. But again, using them carelessly might decrease their durability and performance. 

We hope we answered all your questions related to Fairtex gloves, especially how long do Fairtex gloves last. If you still have any questions, feel free to let us know in the comments below or email us at [insert email].

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