What Mouthguards Do MMA Fighters Use

What Mouthguards Do MMA Fighters Use?

If you train in combat sports, one of the most crucial elements in your gear would be a mouthguard. Without a properly fitting mouthguard, you are in danger of losing your teeth, sustaining jaw injuries, and even head trauma.

Wearing a mouthguard is essential for Mixed Martial Artists. All it takes is one punch, one accidental knee to knock out a tooth. There are hundreds of people who have broken their jaws, lost some teeth, and paid thousands of dollars while visiting the dentist.

But before you go out and buy a mouthguard for yourself, let’s dig deep and find out the best type of mouthguards that are out there on the market, and which one is the best for you. So without further adieu, let’s begin.

What Are Mouthguards?

All of you reading this post might have a concept of mouthguards in your mind. However, you might not know the exact definition of mouthguards. Here is how we define mouthguards:

Mouthguards are dental devices or gadgets that you use to cover your teeth. However, their function is way more than just protecting your teeth. Mouthguards protect your tongue, gums, cheeks, and teeth both from teeth grinding or some deadly sports activities such as MMA and Boxing. These gadgets also ensure that your jawbone remains safe from damage.

Why Are Mouthguards Necessary For MMA Fighters?

Mouthguards protect your teeth from serious injuries that’s why they have great importance in sports such as MMA, Boxing, and other combat sports. An athlete who engages himself in such sports has to use safety gear for added protection or else, a serious injury might ruin their entire career or maybe their entire life.

Talking about MMA, it is one of the deadliest sports in which players try to aim for the head of their opponents to knock them out. For this reason, your face, nose, and teeth are more prone to some serious damage. When it comes to protecting your teeth during the fights, mouthguards come into action to save your day and career.

What Are The Types Of Mouthguards?

Mouthguards are of three types, and you have to understand all these types to buy the one that fits your needs. The three types of mouthguards that you see in the market are:

  • Pre-made or Stock Mouthguards
  • Boil and Bite Mouthguards
  • Custom-made Mouthguards

1. Pre-made or Stock Mouthguards

As the name indicates, these mouthguards come in a specific size and shape from the manufacturers. It means, these gadgets may or may not fit your mouth. You can also call them ready-made mouthguards as the manufacturers launch them in the market in only one specific size. It is the reason why stock mouthguards are less expensive.

But are stock mouthguards a good option to consider? Well, as an MMA fighter, you should not even think about buying stock mouthguards. In fact, even an ordinary human being should not waste money buying these mouthguards as they don’t provide enough protection. In addition to it, they might not fit your mouth properly, resulting in difficult breathing and adjustability issues.

2. Boil and Bite Mouthguards

Boil and bite mouthguards are somewhat better than stock mouthguards in terms of their usage. Unlike stock mouthguards, boil and bite mouthguards can be molded according to your teeth formation. Firstly, you have to boil the mouthguards to soften them. Make sure that the water is not too hot (every mouthguard has a limited high-temperature limit).

Once you soften the mouthguard, you can mold it accordingly to fit your mouth. It might sound like the best type of mouthguard, but it is not. Yes, these mouthguards are better than the stock ones, but still, you can’t get a perfectly customized fit. However, if you are training for a fight or just sparring in the gym, you can prefer these mouthguards as they are not that expensive.

3. Custom-made Mouthguards

Finally, we have custom-made mouthguards, also called custom-fitted mouthguards. These mouthguards are more expensive than both stock mouthguards and boil and bite mouthguards. However, all professional boxers and MMA fighters use these mouthguards for added safety and protection. If you do not want to compromise on safety, these mouthguards are for you.

Custom-made mouthguards are custom-made according to a specific jaw. A dentist examines your teeth and jaws and then makes a perfect mouthguard to fit your mouth. These mouthguards are unmatchable in terms of comfort and protection. It is the reason why these are the most preferred mouthguards in the market.

So, these are the three types of mouthguards that you see in the market. If you have the issue of teeth grinding, we recommend using the boil and bite mouthguards as they would do the job. However, if you are a professional MMA fighter who wants extra protection for teeth and jaws, you should spend money on the best custom-made mouthguards in the market.

Things To Consider While Purchasing A Mouthguard

Now that you understand the types of mouthguards, you might have set your mind to buy a specific one. However, just understanding the types of mouthguards is not enough to make a valuable purchase. You have to consider the following things while purchasing a mouthguard. We guarantee that these factors will help you buy the best mouthguard for yourself.


The first and the most important thing to consider while buying a mouthguard is the right size. Whether you buy clothes, shoes, gloves, or other accessories, size matters the most than anything else. As an MMA fighter, you have to look for a mouthguard that 100% perfectly fits your mouth. For this, you have to consult a dentist to prescribe the best size for you.

The size of the mouthguard is not only important for fitting your mouth but also to ensure comfort. A perfectly fitted mouthguard fits well, protects well, and keeps you comfortable so you can focus on your fight rather than your mouthguard.

Design and Look

Once you find the best size for the mouthguard, next comes the design and look. Note that this point is not important as it doesn’t have any significance in terms of teeth protection or comfort. However, the market is full of the latest mouthguards with unique designs that you can buy to stand out from others.

A point to remember here is that you should not compromise on the size and performance to buy a beautiful-looking mouthguard. If you are a professional MMA fighter, you have to prefer size and comfortability over design and look. What you can do is pay some extra amount to get a custom-fitted mouthguard with customized design and color.

Market Value

The market is full of brands selling mouthguards. But are all mouthguards the best? No, because many brands usually list false specifications to boost the sales of their products. To make sure that you purchase the best mouthguard, you have to go for a brand that has a high market value.

Before you spend your money on a mouthguard, take some time reading customer reviews about that product. If it has satisfying reviews then you are good to go with that particular mouthguard.

So, these are the most important things you need to consider before purchasing a mouthguard. Don’t show carelessness at any point because it might make you end up with a mouthguard that is not comfortable for your mouth.


There you have it, a detailed discussion about what mouthguards do MMA fighters use. There are only three types of mouthguards available in the market. Every sportsman either a boxer, MMA fighter, or hockey player uses one of these three types of mouthguards. If you are a professional MMA fighter, you have to buy either custom-fitted mouthguards or at least boil and bite ones.

That’s all we got for you today. We hope we made it all clear that MMA fighters don’t use mouthguards out of this world. They mostly prefer custom-made mouthguards for added comfort and safety. Also, these mouthguards give them the option of customization in terms of color, design, and style.

Thanks for making it this far till the end. That’s all we have for you today. If you enjoyed reading this article, leave us a comment or email us at [insert email].

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