Do ONX MMA Gloves have a Lifetime Warranty

Do ONX MMA Gloves have a Lifetime Warranty?

When it comes to making MMA equipment, ONX Sports is one of the top brands to consider. The brand has built a strong reputation in helping MMA fighters to polish their fighting skills. ONX is famous for quality products that offer excellent performance and great durability. Products from ONX, especially MMA gloves, have been observed to last for many years.

If you are seeking good quality MMA gloves that will give you a long-lasting performance in 2022, ONX MMA gloves are your best option But exactly how long does that performance last? Do MMA gloves that are manufactured by ONX Sports come with a lifetime warranty? Should you get them or not? To know the answers to these questions, keep reading!

ONX Sports

ONX sports is the most recognizable name in manufacturing MMA items and other combat equipment. The brand is located in Denver, Colorado. Unlike other famous brands such as Venum, ONX is comparatively new in the market as it was established by the end of 2015. But besides its brief period since its launch in the market, ONX Sports has managed to become one of the most famous brands for making MMA equipment.

Perhaps one of the reasons behind the popularity of ONX is Trevor Wittman, a nineteen times world champion trainer. Wittman founded this company with the mission directed towards helping athletes unlock their maximum potential and this motive has been met so far.

What Equipment Does ONX Sports Make?

ONX Sports is known for making the world’s best MMA equipment for every athlete. It means whether you are a beginner or an advanced fighter, you can use products from ONX to become a better fighter. But ONX is not limited to making only MMA equipment.

Following are some popular items that athletes prefer buying from ONX Sports:

  • MMA Gloves
  • Boxing Gloves
  • Shin Guards
  • Head Gear

Apart from these, ONX offers equipment for Muay Thai Fighters, Kickboxers, and other athletes.

Why Buy From ONX Sports?

If you have never purchased anything from ONX Sports, you might need more reasons than just a well-reputed company. We have tried ONX MMA gloves and we can confidently call them one of the best MMA gloves for beginners, intermediate, and advanced MMA fighters.

Following are some noticeable factors that help ONX MMA gloves to stand out amongst others:


MMA gloves are not just about protection. If the athlete is not feeling comfortable in the gloves, then it doesn’t matter how much protection they provide. After using ONX MMA gloves, we experienced an unmatchable comfort. There are only a few brands that offer customizable gloves and ONX Sports is one of them.

On the other hand, ONX MMA gloves come with high-quality heat molding foam for added comfort. Because of this, ONX MMA gloves allow the fighter to easily squeeze and open the fists. In short, wearing these gloves will help you establish effective skills both for attacking and defending.


Making durable gloves was the main objective of ONX Sports because its founder Trevor Wittman understands the value of durable gloves for athletes. ONX MMA gloves use high-quality leather, which is the secret behind their durability.

If you like to train a lot and want to buy durable MMA gloves, you will not regret buying the ONX MMA gloves. And if you keep them with care, you can expect them to last for many years.

Fit Your Hands

Buying the perfect size for your hands sometimes becomes difficult. We have tried MMA gloves from other brands, but we found it very easy to find the best-sized gloves from ONX Sports. Finding the perfect fit for your hands is important and fortunately, ONX Sports offers its customers this benefit.

Easy To Clean

Most MMA gloves are not water-resistant, which makes it hard for athletes to clean them. The same is the case with waterproof gloves from a few other brands. These gloves won’t last long if you wash them quite often. But ONX MMA gloves never disappoint their users, thanks to the high-quality material in their manufacturing.

ONX Sports uses only the best quality material to make water-resistant gloves. The material used ensures that not a single drop enters the foam inside the gloves. Therefore, it is easy for you to wash your gloves without worrying about damaging them. 

These are a few highlighting features that persuade MMA fighters to buy gloves from ONX Sports.

Do ONX MMA Gloves Have a Lifetime Warranty?

You might have heard people saying that ONX Sports offers a lifetime warranty for its MMA gloves. However, these are just rumors. According to ONX Sports, they provide a one-year warranty for all equipment, including MMA gloves. Furthermore, they have some rules and regulations in which the buyer gets the warranty.

The buyer can’t claim the warranty if the product is not purchased from an authorized retailer. Furthermore, the damage should be done under normal training sessions. Let’s say your MMA gloves got damaged due to intense training. Here, ONX Sports will not claim the warranty.

Also, note that ONX offers only a one-time replacement offer. The buyer has the option to replace the damaged product either with the exact same product, a similar one, or with a product with a higher market value.

So, these are the conditions in which a buyer can claim the warranty. It has been made evident by ONX Sports themselves that their MMA gloves do not come with a lifetime warranty, yet, the quality and durability of the gloves make people purchase them.

Is ONX Sports Affordable?

ONX Sports never compromise on the quality. The brand uses the highest quality material for making everything under its logo. Talking about ONX MMA gloves, you can get them for around $300. It might sound a bit expensive, but the product quality satisfies the price tag. So, we can’t say that ONX Sports is affordable, but it indeed offers value-for-money equipment.

Other Brands for buying MMA Gloves

ONX Sports is one of the best brands, especially when you want to buy MMA gloves. ONX MMA gloves come up with extra durability, outstanding performance, and offer great protection. It is why 9 out of 10 MMA fighters prefer buying ONX MMA gloves.

The main reason why athletes choose other brands is the price difference. Yes, you get ultimate performance from ONX MMA gloves, but these will cost you some extra bucks. If you can compromise a bit on the quality and durability, you can consider other brands for buying MMA gloves.

As of 2022, brands like Venum, Hayabusa, Bad Boy, and Everlast are the top brands, especially for buying MMA gloves. Also, these brands are pretty affordable in comparison to ONX Sports. So, check out their products and choose the one that satisfies you the most.


There you have it, a detailed discussion about ONX Sports and its value in the world of MMA. Whether you are a beginner MMA fighter or a pro athlete, you can unlock your maximum potential with the help of ONX MMA gloves. These gloves have no match in terms of both durability and performance. So, buy them today and test them yourself.

We hope we answered all your questions related to ONX Sports, its product quality, and especially, its warranty for the products. If you still have any questions, feel free to let us know in the comments below or email us at [insert email].

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