How to select MMA Gear - Choosing the Right Fit

How to Select MMA Gear – Choosing The Right Fit

Have you decided to include MMA in your training regime and get in shape, or are you still confused about what to wear while you are at it? No need to fret, we have got you covered.

Donning the right fit is the most crucial step to getting into the spirit of MMA. Like any combat sport and the misconceptions attached, MMA is not just about two people going at it inside a ring. It’s about discipline, perseverance, and feeling good inside your own body. The best way to achieve these goals is to invest in the right gear to feel comfortable and secure. Here are a few tips on how you should go on about it. 

Consult Your Instructor

Once you sign up for an MMA class, you must have a session with the instructor. Discuss the kind of martial arts suitable for you and the sort of gear needed for each category. Whether you want to train in one specific discipline or go for a combination, the best way to leverage it is by listening keenly to your instructor. Don’t shy away from asking questions and clear all doubts on the spot. It is essential because the right MMA gear will play a crucial role in your MMA training.

Getting The Appropriate Clothing

Getting the right clothes for an MMA workout can be tricky when you don’t know what you are looking for. Some training sessions will require you to wear unique apparel designed for a particular class — others will let you come in any workout attire.

Here are a few pointers you need to consider while shopping for some durable MMA gear:


An important quality of a suitable workout garb is its breathability. The material of clothes should keep your body cool, breathable and soak up all the sweat produced during an intense MMA session.

Not only will it ensure good air circulation, but it will also make you feel less clammy and uncomfortable. Resultantly, you will be able to focus better on your training. Cotton is a natural fiber -a good option for MMA gear, just like any material made of natural and synthetic fibers. You need to figure out the material best suited for the body.

Not Too Loose, Not Too Tight

Keeping body type in mind, you must buy workout clothes that fit the body well. Nobody wants their mobility to be restricted or uncomfortable, specifically during a training session like MMA. Even if you prefer to do your MMA without a t-shirt, it’s important to invest in a good pair of MMA shorts.

These purpose-built shorts come in handy and in all sorts of combat sports. The MMA shorts let your legs move freely without hindrance or friction as they have reinforced stitching, increased grip, and durability.

Must Be Able To Wick Moisture

You must choose a moisture-wicking fabric for the MMA gear. The fabric soaks in the sweat from your body to the outer surface. At the same time, it dries up the sweat rapidly so that the fabric remains unsaturated. This way, you can focus on the workout without worrying about heavy perspiration.


It would be best to buy the workout clothes that will outlast intense MMA sessions. They must be made of high-quality and durable material.

You may have to spend more than a few bucks than anticipated in purchasing a durable apparel piece for an MMA workout, but it will always be a worthwhile investment. The durable fabric will save you multiple shopping trips and give a pleasant and smooth feel against your skin.

Easy To Wash

So, whichever outfit you decide to buy must be easy to launder and not fade after a few washes.  


There’s no way you can walk into an MMA class without a pair of gloves. Whether you are training to fight, spar, or get fit, you need the right gloves to get into it. Figuring out the type of glove best suited for you can be pretty confusing and intimidating, but here’s what you need to consider.

Glove Size

Whether buying online or from a store, you need to consult the size chart available at all facilities. For example, if your hand circumference is 5.5″ – 6.5″ and your body weight is within a range of 88-120 pounds, the appropriate size for you will be 8oz.

Glove Fit

The glove needs to be snuggled securely in your fist without being too loose or too tight. It should allow you to clench and unclench your fist comfortably. Moreover, the glove straps must secure your wrists so that it doesn’t slip off or restrict the wrist’s movement.

Glove Type

Mainly, there are three types of gloves: training gloves, sparring gloves, and competition gloves. Also known as training gloves — they are used while training for various motions such as grappling, holding, or grabbing. The padding is minimal, and the fingers are free to move.

Sparring gloves are a good fit for fist-fights. They are heavily padded, and your fingers remain well-protected. However, they are not recommended for intense combat training.

Competition gloves have medium padding and are used in formal MMA fights. They provide enough protection and flexibility by covering most of the hands and knuckles while leaving the upper portion of your fingers bare.  

Essential MMA Accessories

Other than clothes and gloves, you may as well need other essential MMA accessories before you begin training. They include protective gear like head guards, shin guards, hand wraps, mouth guards, and groin guards in some cases.

Compression Rash Guard

A compression rash guard is a piece of fabric that sits tightly on the body surface, made by a mixture of microfiber materials. They come in all shapes and forms including full sleeve, short sleeve rash guard uppers, lowers, legging, etc.

MMA Sports Shorts

The compression MMA shorts are manufactured to offer enhanced mobility and positioning for the legs during the MMA session. However, this MMA gear is used along with a groin guard.

Groin Guard

A groin guard is a robust shield, shaped into a guard-like cover, that protects the genitals. It is very common to use groin guards in MMA, kickboxing, and other sports.


A mouthguard is again a protection used to prevent and minimize mouth injury. Once inside your mouth, a mouthguard adjusts its shape to a custom fit. The MMA accessory is made of a thermoplastic substance. While picking a mouthguard for yourself, keep in mind the following things.

A well-fit mouthguard should remain intact ensuring that you experience no discomfort while breathing or talking. A mouthguard should also be CE-tested and approved.

MMA Head Guard

MMA head guard is a defensive material covering the head to protect the face and skull against serious injuries. Although not all combat sports require you to wear it, the guard is particularly useful in MMA sports like striking that focuses more on targeting the head, face, or sensitive body parts.

The top concerns while choosing a head guard should be a good fitting and weight-to-size ratio. The perfect size would help you stay focused during the sports as you would not need to adjust the guard from time to time.


The choice of a specific MMA accessory comes down to the kind of class or combat sport you decide. For example, shin guards are necessary if you are facing an opponent. Mouthguards would be helpful in boxing and related sports. Head guards are a real blessing during sparring training.

All in all, what matters the most is your preference and affordability. It is important to invest in durable MMA accessories so that your g. Remember that you can let go of the looks but compromising on quality is non-negotiable.    

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