Top MMA Gear Brands

Top MMA Gear Brands

Given the meteoric rise in MMA popularity, a variety of brands have been introduced in the industry for the past decade. The brands are producing top-notch MMA gear for professionals and hobbyists alike. However, true MMA loyalists still stand by the classics that have been around long before MMA became mainstream and hip.

These MMA brands have been producing authentic, excellent MMA equipment and apparel for decades and have gained worldwide recognition. Before we dive into the best MMA gear brands currently available in the market, you should know what equipment is included in MMA gear:

  • MMA Gloves & Boxing Gloves
  • MMA/Grappling Shorts & Rash Guards
  • Mouthpiece and Mouth Guard
  • Knee Pads
  • Shin Guards
  • Groin/Pelvic Protector
  • Hand wraps
  • Head Guard/Helmet

Here’s a list of top MMA gear brands in the world.


Sponsored athletes: Jose Aldo, Carlos Condit, Wanderlei Silva, Lyoto Machida, Shogun

Known for: MMA shorts, MMA equipment

With one of the most famous, recognizable logos, Venum is a brand that has evolved alongside MMA as the latter got more mainstream. Given its humble roots, it is quite spectacular that they have replaced Reebok as the official apparel partner of UFC. Before it started making waves in the US, Venum was strictly a go-to brand for grapplers.

In just a few years, Venum has established itself as an MMA gear giant, specializing solely in combat sports gear – from clothes, training gear to gloves, kicks, etc. They not only produce high-quality, durable gear but have also amassed a huge following because of their appealing designs.

Other than MMA outfits, they have top-notch product lines for other combat sports like Muay Thai, Boxing, and Jiu-Jitsu. Additionally, Venum caters to a wide variety of clientele that includes men, women, and children. They are best known for providing specialized gloves for each martial arts discipline, along with various customization options to suit your liking. All in all, Venum offers budget-friendly products and is a one-stop-shop for all your MMA essentials.


Sponsored athletes: Chris Weidman, Alexander Gustafsson, Demian Maia

Known for: MMA apparel, performance equipment   

Badboy initially started in 1982 by producing apparel for surfers, skateboarders, and Motorcross riders in San Diego, California. They recognized the increasing need for quality gear for combat sports in the 1990s and began producing Jiu-Jitsu uniforms and performance equipment for other combat sports.

However, their breakthrough feat was when they sponsored the world-famous Jiu-Jitsu champion, Rickson Gracie. The rest is history, as since then, Badboy has evolved enormously as one of the top MMA gear brands in the world. They are one of the first brands to introduce MMA shorts back in the 90s when a lot of fighters felt hindered by traditional fighting garb and desired an innovative solution.

Soon, they started producing fighting gloves, mouth guards, and other MMA gear along with MMA clothes that have been donned by various MMA legends over the years. Having sponsored fighters like Chris Weidman and Demian Maia, Badboy is a huge lifestyle brand today that is known for its vast collection of gear for training, sparring, and fighting.


Sponsored athletes: Chael Sonnen, Roy Nelson, Rory Macdonald

Known for: all kinds of MMA and training gear  

Mostly famous for its sponsorships and collaborations, the brand has been making the best combat sports equipment for the past 15 years. Hayabusa has constantly evolved in terms of product quality through research and development — the reason why it stands out from the rest. They are based in Kingston, Canada, and deliver all kinds of fitness, boxing, and MMA gear across the globe.

Initially, they started by selling fighting gloves, shorts, and rash guards for training. Now they have an extensive combat product line-up that includes all kinds of MMA gloves, headgear, shin pads, BJJ spats, hand wraps, gym bags, strike pads, technical garb, and coaching gear for combat sports.

Hayabusa products are not only known for their grace and style; they are also super comfortable and durable, thus making high-intensity training sessions easier for your body. Having sponsored the UFC legend Georges St-Pierre in his prime, Hayabusa has also collaborated with Marvel for customized gloves and apparel, thereby gaining significant recognition among the masses.

RDX Sports

Sponsored athletes: Zach Parker, Lyndon Arthur, Tony Ferguson

Known for: Thelargest collection of MMA gear, training, gym, and coaching equipment 

Based in England, RDX Sports is one of the fastest-growing online combat sports brands in the world. Whether you are hitting the gym, ring, dojo, or simply a mat in your house, RDX has got you covered. With the most varied product range for fighters, RDX is a one-stop-shop for all your MMA needs.

Their extensive gloves range even includes exclusive products for youngsters and kids. They also have a wide assortment of training and coaching gear and gym equipment.


Sponsored athletes: Conor Benn, Dalton Smith, Leah McCourt, Ramla Ali

Known for: Boxing gloves, MMA gloves, MMA gear    

Everlast has been making high-quality equipment, accessories, and clothing for combat sports athletes for almost a century. Loved by professionals and amateurs alike, Everlast first went big in the boxing world.

Their gloves have been worn by many boxing champions in this century. They have stores in 101 countries across 6 continents and are an original torchbearer of producing authentic MMA, boxing, and fitness gear, footwear, accessories, and clothes. Worn by the likes of Mike Tyson and Andre Ward, Everlast specializes in producing top-notch MMA gloves at varying sizes, styles, and prices, thereby catering to all sorts of buyers.

The best bit about Everlast’s protective gear is that it is equipped with various original technologies that enhance its cushioning and protective quality. I mean you can’t win the Best Technical Equipment Brand award 5 times at World MMA awards for no reason, right?

Under Armour

Sponsored athletes: GSP

Known for: Athletic apparel and shoes

Although Under Armour does not have a prominent presence in the MMA world, they became popular when they struck a deal with MMA’s megastar Georges St. Pierre. Their compression shorts and shirts are equipped with moisture-wicking technology that works miraculously with your body to maintain homeostasis and enhance performance. If you are looking to invest in some quality apparel for some high-intensity training sessions, then look no further because Under Armour has got your back.


Sponsored athletes: Sean O’Malley, Michael Bisping (Spokesperson)

Known for: Affordable and accessible MMA protective gear

Sanabul is a relatively new MMA brand compared to other brands in this list but what makes them different from others is their professional-level MMA equipment at a fairly modest price. The boom in their popularity and growth can be attributed to the fact that they have one of the most complete product ranges out there.

They are very honest about what they sell and proudly proclaim that they are not using genuine leather but alternative materials. After extensive research and development, they discovered that for better performance and durability, premium leather is not the finest option. Hence, they develop their products out of performance-engineered synthetic leather that has given marvelous results.

Bonus mention:

Shock Doctor

This list won’t be complete without the honorary mention of Shock Doctor’s mouth guards. It is a universally known fact that no one does protective equipment better than Shock Doctor. Owing to their specialized patented techniques, they are one of the largest suppliers of mouthguards in the MMA world.

Also, they are quite affordable and have a wide variety of protective gear to suit your preference. Other than being the best teeth protector, Shock Doctor also specializes in other protective gear like pads, supporters, cups, and compression shorts. They also make specific braces for various body parts like ankles, knees, back, shoulders, waist, groin, etc.

To Conclude

If you want to get better at MMA or hone your expert skills, you must invest in the best MMA gear and equipment and stay injury-free. Various factors will define a particular brand product best suited for you but rest assured, every brand on the list is worth your money. 

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