Do UFC Fighters Use Venum Gloves

Do UFC Fighters Use Venum Gloves?

UFC fighters are without a doubt, one of the most fearless, strong, and intense fighters out there. They have to be quick about their moves and strike at the right time, all the while keeping themself safe. However entertaining, it is a dangerous sport and UFC fighters need appropriate gear to protect themselves. One of these pieces of equipment includes gloves.

There is a numerous range of gloves available across several brands, many of them in competition with one another. Each fighter may choose a pair to his or her own liking, but some brands such as Reebok, Venum, and Everlast are more popular than the others. Many of these companies usually sponsor UFC fights and so, often the fighters are seen wearing their gear.

With respect to Venum gloves.

UFC & Reebok Collaboration

Reebok was known as one of the top sponsors of UFC. Both parties signed a contract in 2014, and it started in 2015. It was a six-year deal with Reebok that had a total worth of 70 million dollars. According to this deal, Reebok was the only brand to provide sporting goods such as uniforms, gloves, and footwear to the UFC fighters.

However, the deal ended in April 2021 because UFC joined hands with Venum.Reebok still sponsors UFC by making footwear for UFC fighters. According to the latest news, Reebok would be the official UFC partner for making footwear till the end of 2021. It is now 2022, but we haven’t heard any notification about Reebok ending the contract with UFC.

UFC & Venum Collaboration

UFC ended the deal with Reebok and joined hands with Venum for making uniforms. For those who don’t know, Venum is a private brand created in 2006, and its headquarters are located in Paris, France. On 10th July 2020, it was announced that Venum would be the official clothing partner of UFC. Finally, Venum became the official partner of UFC on 1st April 2021.

Today, UFC fighters wear shirts, gloves, and other apparel from Venum. Despite this deal, Reebok is still a partner of UFC but only for making footwear. This is why many UFC fighters are frequently seen wearing Reebok footwear.

Types of Venum Gloves for UFC Fighters

Venum is actually an MMA brand and is known for making MMA gloves, boxing gloves, mouthguards, shin guards, and other apparel. Venum makes different types of gloves, which is why it is hard for a beginner UFC fighter to buy the best gloves for UFC fights.

Following are the three types of gloves that Venum makes for UFC fighters:

  1. Hybrid Gloves
  2. Sparring Gloves
  3. Competition Gloves

Hybrid Gloves

Hybrid gloves are also known as training and grappling gloves. Venum hybrid gloves offer protection for both fighters, making them the best gloves for performing all kinds of grappling activities.

Hybrid gloves are more focused on improving grip rather than protection. For this reason, these gloves have less padding than other UFC or MMA gloves, allowing the fighter to move his or her hands more freely.  If you are an amateur fighter, we recommend these gloves for performing grappling tasks.

Sparring Gloves

Sparring gloves are thicker than hybrid gloves. These are used by athletes for sparring sessions because there is a lot of punching involved. In comparison to hybrid gloves, sparring gloves weigh 7oz and offer extra protection for fingers.

Sparring gloves are allowed in UFC fights but we don’t recommend them because they don’t allow your fingers to move freely, due to the extra padding. However, sparring gloves from Venum will give you better protection on your hands and fingers, allowing you to stay safe from getting any injury or scratch.

Competition Gloves

Professional UFC fighters wear competition gloves because they are lightweight and let the fighter move the arms easily. Competition gloves have thin padding that’s why they weigh around 4oz to 6oz, but they are only perfect for professional UFC fighters as they offer very little protection.

For those who don’t know, UFC fighters are allowed to wear gloves weighing between 4oz to 6oz. It is the reason why UFC fighters are forced to wear competition gloves even if they don’t protect against rashes and other fist injuries.

So, these are the three different types of UFC gloves that Venum makes. There are numerous brands that make these gloves, but there are only a few of them that match the quality of Venum.

What Gloves are the Best for UFC Fights?

As we mentioned earlier, fighters can wear gloves weighing between 4oz to 6oz. This criterion for UFC fighters is according to the padding of the gloves. Keeping this in mind, the competition gloves sound a perfect fit here. However, make sure you are an experienced fighter because these gloves will not protect your hands against any unwanted injuries.

If you are an amateur UFC fighter, sparring gloves are a good choice. These gloves weigh nearly 7oz but offer extra protection for your fingers. The only drawback for these gloves is the restricted movement. Due to extra padding, the fighter can’t move the fingers freely in any direction. As a result, you get extra protection while restricting your movement.

Is Using Heavier Gloves a Good Option?

The weight of gloves is calculated according to the padding. Gloves with more padding will have more weight and offer more protection. Considering these two points, we can say that using heavier gloves is a good option for extra protection, but what about the performance? Heavily padded gloves restrict your movement, which affects your performance during the fights.

It is the reason why many professional UFC fighters use lightweight gloves from Venum and other top brands. But if you are an amateur fighter, you can go with sparring gloves that weigh nearly 7oz. Yes, they will restrict your finger movement, but you will be less prone to injuries.

Other Reasons Why UFC Fighters Use Venum Gloves

Venum is indeed one of the best brands, especially for making MMA and UFC gloves. The brand always tries to offer the best quality products to attain 100% customer satisfaction. Following are the reasons why UFC fighters use Venum gloves:

Premium Items At Affordable Prices

Venum doesn’t put an extra burden on the wallets of its customers. It offers high-quality apparel at affordable prices, which is one of the reasons behind its popularity. As of 2022, you can buy Venum gloves for around $50 to $70 only.

Versatile Customer Contact Support

Unlike other brands, Venum offers multiple options to contact its customer support for any related queries. You can contact Venum through the toll-free number, internet call, and online chat through the website. Venum friendly assists you both while purchasing and also refunding the product.

Positive Customer Feedback

Venum gloves on Amazon have received around 85% five-star reviews. It proves the quality of Venum gloves over other brands in the market. So, if you haven’t tried Venum gloves before, you can get some confidence from reading the positive customer reviews.

To Conclude

There you have it, a detailed discussion about Venum gloves for UFC and do UFC fighters use Venum gloves. Venum is no doubt one of the most reputable brands in the world. It doesn’t compromise on product quality, which is what people love about Venum. There was a time when UFC fighters used gloves from Reebok only, but Venum provided them with more options and the results are right in front of us.

We hope that we made it all clear about whether UFC fighters use Venum gloves. If yes, then what type of Venum gloves are good for UFC fighters? Feel free to comment down below for any related queries or email us at [insert email].

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