Is Venum A Good MMA Brand

Is Venum A Good MMA Brand?

Passionate MMA fighters can’t compromise on anything that hinders their performance. They always prefer buying gear from the trending brands of the world. As of 2022, brands like Venum hold a firm grip in the market of making apparel and equipment for MMA, boxing, combat sports, and similar sectors. But what makes Venum a good brand? Let’s discuss.

Many professional MMA fighters prefer Venum because of its high-quality apparel and other equipment. It is a private brand that was created in 2006 by Franck Dupuis in Paris, France. As of 2022, Venum headquarters are located in different parts of Europe, Asia, and America.

If you are an MMA fighter and looking to buy gear from Venum, then make sure to read till the end before you decide.

What Gear Does Venum Make?

Venum has a versatile approach in making gear for different sportsmen, especially boxers and MMA fighters. The brand tends to provide its customers with almost all the gear they want in their careers. Following are some gear that Venum makes for MMA fighters:

  • MMA Gloves
  • Mouthguards
  • Shin Guards
  • Hand wraps
  • Kick Pads
  • Knee Pads
  • Rash Guards

Apart from these, Venum is also known for making boxing gloves, pro boxing gloves, karate gloves, and custom gloves. In short, the brand offers everything you need as an MMA fighter.

What Is The Flagship MMA Product Of Venum?

We have used many products from Venum. Like us, hundreds of fighters trust Venum. Some of the most notable names include Vasyl Lomachenko, Callum Smith, Jose Aldo, and Carlos Condit.

Honestly, all products from Venum are the best. Whether we talk about Venum MMA gloves or Venum MMA shin guards, the brand offers the best value in all of its gear. However, the Venum Elite Standup shin guards are the best of any other Venum gear.

We have also used shin guards from other brands, but these Venum Elite Standup shin guards have no match for their quality and performance. These shin guards are made of 100% Skintex leather, which is why they offer unmatchable protection. Further, these shin guards have two large Velcro straps and elastic bands to ensure a custom fit.

Therefore, we consider the Venum Elite Standup shin guards as the flagship product of Venum. So, if you are looking for the best shin guards for MMA, you should consider the Venum Elite Standup shin guards.

What Is The Product Quality Of Venum?

A brand becomes famous if it delivers quality to its customers. Yes, we are not saying that this brand is 100% perfect from all aspects, but it is indeed one of the best brands out there. Venum has received thousands of five-star reviews on its products, making it one of the best MMA brands.

Venum has been receiving praises for its innovative designs and styles. Additionally, they have won the hearts of both beginner and professional MMA fighters in terms of product quality. Yes, there are a few negative reviews as well, but it all varies from customer to customer. As per our experience, we have found Venum as one of the best brands for various MMA products.

Positive Customer Reviews

On Amazon, Venum enjoys thousands of positive customer reviews for all of its products. For example, the Venum Elite Standup shin guards have 1,487 reviews on Amazon, out of which 87% are five-star. On average, each Venum product has over 85% of five-star reviews that prove the quality of Venum products.

Negative Customer Reviews

There is not a single brand in the market that doesn’t have negative feedback for its products. The same is the case with Venum. However, there are only 1% one-star reviews (on average), which is just perfect.

These stats show that Venum is doing pretty good so far in terms of customer satisfaction. So, we can say that the product quality of Venum satisfies the needs of its buyers.

How Good Is The Customer Support Of Venum?

Customer support is the key to success behind businesses. It is a fact that even small businesses can’t become successful if they lack friendly customer support. So, it would not be wrong that Venum has friendly customer support.

You can contact them by visiting their website. There, you can contact them through free internet calls, online chats, and toll-free numbers.

A point to note here is that most brands offer cooperative customer support before you buy anything. However, you will find that their after-purchase customer support will be annoying. Here is when the customer support of Venum doesn’t disappoint its customers. Refund procedures are quite easy, either through their website or Amazon.

Is Venum An Affordable Brand?

Venum is considerably a little expensive, but their price is justified with the quality of the products they are putting out in the market. The brand doesn’t compromise on product quality. Not just that, you also get innovative designs and styles of almost every product that you buy. On average, you get Venum products from $45 to $150.

On the other hand, some people say that Venum is a bit expensive. It is because they used to buy products from cheap brands. For this reason, they find Venum products expensive but if you compare in terms of quality and performance, you will come to know that Venum is pretty affordable for buying MMA gear and other products.

Is Venum A Good MMA Brand? – Our Personal Thoughts

There are some factors that make a brand good or bad. You will see many people speaking in favor or against Venum, but it varies from customer to customer.

We have used different MMA gear of Venum, especially its shin guards, and we are 100% satisfied with their performance. Yes, you have to face minor issues like finding the perfect size for MMA gloves and MMA shin guards. Here is what we love about Venum MMA products:

  • Outstanding Quality
  • Versatile Collection of Products
  • Unmatchable Design and Style
  • Friendly Customer Support
  • Best Value for Money

So, these are some reasons why we say that Venum is a good MMA brand. So, if you are a beginner MMA fighter looking for a good brand to buy MMA gear, you can try buying from Venum.


There you have it, a comprehensive discussion about Venum as an MMA brand. If you ask about the top MMA brands of the world, you will see Venum in the list. Today, we shared everything about the brand to help you decide if it is a good MMA brand or not. We always had the best experience with Venum brands and we hope the same for you.

We hope that we made it all clear about Venum, and its products. Feel free to comment down below for any related queries. Or email us at [insert email].

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