What Weight Gloves Should I Use For A Heavy Bag

What Weight Gloves Should I Use For A Heavy Bag?

To punch a heavy bag, you have to use punching gloves. These gloves have extra padding that allows them to absorb the impact. However, there is much more you need to consider than just padding. So, let’s look at what gloves are the best for heavy bags.

Types Of Gloves For Heavy Bag

Before talking about the weight of gloves, let’s discuss the types of gloves that you will come across in the market. Yes, there are many types of gloves, but all of them are not designed for punching heavy bags.

Following are the three types of gloves that you can consider for punching bags, but all of them are not the best and we also don’t recommend all of these for heavy bags.

1. Professional Gloves

As the name suggests, professional gloves are used by professional athletes for better performance. However, these offer less protection than the other two types of gloves. Additionally, professional gloves are not comfortable, that’s why we don’t recommend these gloves for punching even lighter bags.

Professional gloves have firm padding and are smaller in size. For this reason, these gloves don’t protect your hands against any impact. These gloves weigh around 8oz to 10oz, so you can’t use them for punching heavy bags.

2. Sparring Gloves

Next, we have sparring gloves that are somehow better than professional gloves but not the best to choose for heavy bags. Athletes use sparring gloves while training because these gloves protect both partners from unwanted injuries. Sparring gloves are optimized for all sparring activities. These gloves have soft and distributed padding to make the impacts less sharp.

Sparring gloves weigh around 14oz to 16oz, which means you can consider these gloves for punching bags. However, don’t use them for heavy bags because these gloves reduce the impact sharpness to a very small extent.

3. Bag Gloves

Bag gloves are the best gloves that you can use for heavy bags. Bag gloves are not just for punching heavy bags; these gloves are known as all-rounder gloves and can be used for other activities. Bag gloves are ideally designed for punching heavy bags, but you can use them for almost any type of training and sparring activities.

Bag gloves come up with extra padding, more than you see in ordinary boxing gloves. So don’t get confused between boxing gloves and bag gloves. Bag gloves are densely padded and offer more protection than boxing gloves. These gloves can weigh up to 20 ounces or more.

Which Gloves Should I Buy?

So, these are the three main types of gloves that you will see in the market. If you are looking for the best gloves to punch heavy bags, the bag gloves are perfect for you. We recommend these gloves because they come up with dense padding, offering additional protection against heavy punches.

If you don’t want to use bag gloves, you can consider sparring gloves as your second option. These gloves are not densely padded, so don’t try to test them on heavy bags with heavy punches. The same is the case with professional gloves. These are lightweight gloves used by professionals for competitions. So, we recommend these gloves only for light bags.

Apart from these three types, there are Muay Thai Gloves, Mexican Style Boxing Gloves, MMA Gloves, Amateur Gloves, and a few others. However, you should not consider these gloves for punching heavy bags.

Padding & Weight Of Gloves

When buying gloves for heavy bags, you have to go for densely padded gloves to provide you with extra protection. However, many athletes get confused between padding and the weight of the gloves. So, let’s clarify their differences.

Padding of gloves is the covering or protection that you get by wearing gloves. The more padding your gloves have, the more protection they will offer. However, keep in mind that the gloves should have dense padding rather than more padding.

Weight, on the other hand, is measured in ounces. Boxing gloves usually range from 8 to 20 ounces. Now, gloves with dense padding are heavier than gloves with less dense padding.

Are Heavy Gloves Always The Best?

You might be tempted to buy 20-ounce gloves for yourself, but that is not necessary. Buying heavy gloves will protect your hands, but heavy gloves are only suitable for a person with big hands. If you have small hands, you will find it hard to handle even 14oz gloves. So make sure the gloves you buy feel comfortable, allowing you to punch with full focus.

Tips For Punching Heavy Bags

Once you buy the best gloves for heavy bags, you can’t just rush towards the bag and start punching it. You have to punch properly even if you don’t want to become a professional boxer. Following are some tips that will help you hit a heavy bag:

Focus On Breathing

To land a massive blow on the bag, you don’t have to put power to your punches. Many pro boxers land mighty blows on their opponents just by focusing on their breathing. Thus, when punching a heavy bag, you have to focus more on breathing rather than putting more and more power in your punches.

Control Your Aggression

It is tempting to emulate others in the gym and go hard on the bag like you are Mike Tyson. But that is not the right approach. We recommend that you use three sets of 45 seconds each and throw a calculated amount of punches in them. It will take some time to get the rhythm, but you will get used to it.

Take Short Breaks

Taking short breaks between sets is recommended because you are not given much time to rest while boxing. Also, taking short breaks will help you improve your stamina, which will help you stay more active. So, on average, 30 seconds or less rest is enough between sets to improve your punching and stamina.

Maintain Your Balance

Punching heavy bags is not as easy as it sounds. And if you are trying it for the first time, you will more likely lose your balance while punching. So, you have to start things off slowly by learning how to maintain your balance while punching. Once you pick the rhythm, you can start punching with power.


Punching heavy bags requires a lot of time and practice. Also, you have to use quality boxing gloves so you don’t hurt yourself while punching. And don’t just run behind densely padded gloves; always prioritize comfortability over padding to achieve your desired results.

Use the tips given in this article when punching heavy bags. If you are a beginner then, we recommend starting with a lighter bag. Yes, you can use densely padded gloves, but don’t try to punch a heavy bag straight away. Start with a lighter one and then move on slowly and enjoy the maximum benefit of your gloves.

We hope that we made it all clear about gloves for heavy bags, their types, and why and how to choose them for yourself. Feel free to comment down below for any related queries. Or email us at [insert email].

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