Top Women’s MMA Gear Brands

Top Women’s MMA Gear Brands

It is an undisputed fact that mixed martial arts, like any other sport, has been a male-centric enterprise for the longest time. For decades, various socially constructed gender stereotypes prevented women from being in a sports format that used to thrive on hypermasculinity displays in its infant days.

But gone are the days when women partaking in a fiery sport like MMA was considered controversial. With MMA legends like Marloes Coenen establishing a household name and Ronda Rousey becoming the first woman MMA fighter to be signed officially by UFC, the past two decades have seen a massive boom in MMA popularity among women and the world in general.

This has led to various big MMA brands recognizing the needs of women MMA fighters and producing high-quality MMA gear, particularly for women to meet their demands. Currently, there are many brands in the industry that are producing MMA apparel and gear for women. Scroll down to see our top picks for women’s MMA gear brands:


Famous athletes who have worn this brand: Roxy Balboa Richardson    

Revgear came into existence right when women’s MMA started gaining popularity- back in the late 1990s. Since then, they have progressed outstandingly to become the largest supplier of world-class MMA gear, MMA gym equipment, and apparel in the world. Unlike many brands, Revgear’s MMA women’s gear is sized and designed to fit and support a female body.

All their gear is equipped with incredible shock-absorbing and cushioning technologies backed by years of research and proven results. The gear not only comes with extra protection and extra endurance, but they also have various styles and designs to suit your taste and comfort.

Also, their apparel is quite chic and suave, thus, you can kick ass with style. They also have a hygiene and body care range, so, Revgear is a one-stop shop for all your MMA needs. Most of these products are made of 100 percent natural ingredients so that you can keep your MMA gear and equipment clean and odor-free without compromising on your ethics.

RDX Sports

Famous athletes who have worn this brand: Roxy Balboa Richardson    

RDX Sports is another prominent MMA brand that has diligently risen to cater to the demands of female MMA fighters and hobbyists. Based in England, it is one of the fastest growing online sports brands in the world, with its product line-up being at par with its American and Brazilian counterparts at a much cheaper price.

Their product catalog is extremely diverse with plenty of options to choose from, even for women. The specially designed MMA gloves are a hot-seller. They are manufactured, keeping in mind the female bone density and hand anatomy, thus, enabling them to perform well while staying safe.

They also come in a variety of colors, thus, allowing you to choose one according to your taste. Other than gloves, they have a wide range of protective gear designed especially for women.

From training pads to chest guards to punching bags, all their gear is equipped with special 5-needle stitch technology so that it can outlast high-intensity workouts and training sessions. They also have a great line of workout accessories like jump ropes and medicine balls that you can utilize for your cardio workout or muscle building.


Famous athletes who have worn this brand: Roxy Balboa Richardson    

Venum is currently one of the most famous, all-rounder MMA brands in the world that need no introduction. In just a few years, it has carved a niche for itself by specializing in combat sports gear.

As UFC’s official outfitting and apparel partner, Venum has done quite well in branching out and producing top-quality MMA gear and apparel for women as well. From training gear to all kinds of gloves to protective gear, Venum has made sure to cater to all sorts of MMA clientele.

Their ‘Elite Camo’ range of boxing gloves, shin guards, and boxing helmet is quite eye-catching and comes in a suave black and pink gold color combination. Most importantly, their durability and product quality is incomparable and can make you last longer in the ring in a perfectly color-coordinated attire. Also, their apparel range for women is quite diverse and cool, hence, we will award them extra points for that.

Shock Doctor  

Famous athletes who have worn this brand: practically every MMA fighter

No MMA gear is complete without durable and authentic protective equipment. And that’s where Shock Doctor steps in, as no one understands impact better than them. Other than a diverse range of mouth guards, they also have pelvic protectors for women.

These protectors are ingeniously designed to provide low-profile, comfortable protection to women. They are extremely lightweight and are equipped with integrated thermal-formed contour foam technology and molded shield to enable you to withstand high impact without any inconvenience. Moreover, they have a wide assortment of other protective equipment that can come in handy during training. These include various kinds of cups, supporters, and braces for different parts of your body.


Famous athletes who have worn this brand: Ramla Ali, Leah McCourt    

I think it is safe to say that Everlast has been around way before any of us was born unless you are almost a century old. It is one of the oldest sports brands in the world that has been making the top-notch fight, training, and sparring gloves for combat sports athletes for decades.

They are also a leading manufacturer of various combat sports equipment. You must check out Everlast’s wide range of MMA gloves for women, as they are quite ergonomic. These gloves are specially designed to provide an ideal fit, ease & balance to a female mixed martial artist.

Also, most of their gloves are quite multi-purpose and versatile. From push-ups and cardio to grappling and light bag work, these gloves allow you to have any kind of workout.


Famous athletes who have worn this brand: Sean O’Malley, Michael Bisping

Based in Los Angeles and formed in 2014, Sanabul is a relatively new brand but has rapidly become one of the fastest-growing MMA gear brands in the world. What makes them unique from other brands in this list is their added level of accessibility and affordability. They are known for making authentic, original designs with a range of beginner-level to expert.

They house all kinds of MMA gear and equipment needed to get you started or train at an expert level under one roof. Most of their products are unisex, however, they also have an exclusive product range for women that includes gloves and shin guards. They are not only amazing quality-wise, but they look aesthetically pleasing as well.

From funky colors and designs to classic black and white, they have an option for all kinds of women and their tastes. They also sell some high-quality fitness equipment that you can use in your strength and conditioning workouts.

To Conclude

This list is quite complete when it comes to essentials for women martial artists. Still, there are a lot of market gaps that need to be filled when it comes to MMA gear and equipment for women. Some brands have stepped up and filled those gaps however a lot of others need to follow suit and contribute.

In the world of professional MMA, if women have managed to achieve a globally recognized status and parity with male fighters, then they deserve to have as many options as men while shopping for MMA essentials.    

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